Code of Ethics

As Doulas we have a code of ethics we follow

My goal as a doula is to provide professional care to my clients, while maintaining a positive and supportive relationships between other doulas and health care providers in our community.

As my client you can ensure that I am praticing at the highest standards that were taught to me during my training. You can ensure that I am doing everything to make sure that the entire birth team has a positive relationship.

  1. I am accountable for my own practice and the environment I choose to work in
  2. I will offer non-biased information,support and community resource. I cannot give personal advice. My support and knowledge allows you to make your own informed decisions and I will support those decisions without prejudice or judgement.
  3. I understand my limitations and will encourage you to contact medical professionals for any questions or concerns outside of my knowledge or scope of practice
  4. I will never perform clinical or medical tasks,diagnose medical conditions or give medical advice even if trained as a health care professional prior to becoming a doula
  5. I recognize that the resposibility for clinical management belongs to your healthcare provider. I can encourage you to ask questions or make suggestion surrounding your health care but will never speak on behalf of yourself to your healthcare provider.
  6. I understand that the health of you and your newborn are always the first priority and will never advise you against medical advice given to you by your healthcare provider.
  7. I will treat medical professionals with respect,courtesy and good faith
  8. I will support you physically and emotionally as best as I can , while ensuring that those tasks do not interfere with the tasks being performed by your healthcare professionals
  9. I will never knowingly support or participate in a medically unassisted home birth.
  10. I will accurately represent my level of education and experience. I will  not misled other doulas,clients or other professionals as to my level of education or experience
  11. I will always practice with a client/doula agreement
  12. I will adhere to a confidentiality agreement between the client and myself
  13. I will be trained in first aid and cpr level C