Pregnancy and Infant Loss

First and fore most I am sorry for your loss

 So what exact is an Infant and Pregnancy loss doula ?

An Infant and Pregnancy Loss Doula (IPLD) is someone who can act as a companion to families through any of these losses. My job is to help you navigate through your grief experiences, without judgement, and to help you to create as many positive moments along the way as possible. I have learned about all kinds of infant and pregnancy loss, from what is involved in a termination, to legal responsibilities around infant remains in your region.

Having an IPLD does not make your loss experience any easier, but it does mean that you will not be alone. My support  may involve explaining procedures, answering questions, suggesting funeral homes, and accompanying entire families through all aspects of the ordeal. I accompany you through your grief experience while honouring that yours is a different experience than any other. I can not fix things or make them better—but  I do ensure that you are not alone throughout  so you can concentrate on the vital act of grieving.  

If you are in need of support and would like to join my Bereavement Peer Support Group please click on the link:




Pregnancy loss

If you are facing a pregnancy loss you are not alone. I want you to know that this something that you do not have to do alone. A loss during any week of your pregnancy deserves to be validated.

I am training  in all aspects of pregnancy and infant loss.  If you have just received news that your baby is incompatible with life, you are already experiencing the early signs of miscarriage, or you are having to make the decision to terminate the pregnancy, I want to and can help.



If you have just received the news that your baby will be born sleeping or will not live longer than a few moments after birth, I am very sorry. You are probably feeling a lot of different emotions right now, or maybe you’re not feeling anything. Both are normal and neither is wrong.

You do not have to go through this alone. I can meet with you before your birth and together we will talk about your baby, your birth, your options and what comes next. When labor begins, I will join you and your partner at the birth. You and your baby will be treated with the kindness and dignity that you both deserve. I will stay after the birth for as long as you need me to . I will be there from birth and  to help you to bond with your baby.


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Please note that although the legal recommendation for cremation or burial is 20 wks and 500 grams most funeral homes will work with smaller babies free of charge!

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